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Top 20 Instagram Destinations

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On May 21, 2019
If you love traveling and taking pictures, these are the cities for you! The top list of tourist destinations from which Instagram social network users are uploading the most pictures is published. The list was compiled by the “Hoppa” portal based on photos of users marked by hashtags about the trip and city’s name. The […]
A Jordanian geophysicist devised a creative idea to turn the 60 million-year-old cave into a modern restaurant. George Haddadin, a Jordanian scientist, came to this idea when a coincidence led him to a hidden cave on the land he inherited from his father in his hometown, Madaba, in Jordan. This part of the city in […]
The rich canopy of trees in the wide and empty boulevards in Pripjat takes to notice the few tourists after more than thirty years of a nuclear disaster. This place, dubbed the city of the future, soon turned into hell on earth. And the Accusation, which arose when both the nuclear power station and the […]
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