Celebrity breakup! The famous singer splits with her husband! She earns MILLIONS, and now her ex could get HALF OF IT!


British singer Adele (31) has handed in divorce papers to her husband Simon Konecki (45).

The singer moved out five months after they announced they were divorcing after seven years spent together.

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The couple will remain on good terms because of their son Angelo (6). Konecki did not sign the contract when they got married, and the request was made in California, allowing him to receive half of her income.

Her PR confirmed the rumors of a divorce, weeks after the singer was photographed without a wedding ring.

  • Adele and her partner have split. They will remain devoted to their son and they want privacy – it stood briefly in a statement. Singer Adele and her husband split before Christmas last year, but have been hiding it for almost half a year.

Although many people find their divorce unexpected, the fact is that their marriage was pretty tumultuous. In 2014, Simon moved out of their apartment, and a year later, when they reconciled, they were caught in an altercation on the street. Their love was not judged by the difference in income, but by frequent travel for work and the singer’s new company in Los Angeles.

One of the reasons for the disagreement was his disdain for showbiz and going to big events, while Adele adored it.

After the divorce news, many fans of the famous singer hoped that it might inspire her to finish her fourth album because she is known for songs in which she sings about her breakups.

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