Christina Aguilera’s Diet: Singer Lost 30 Pounds in Record Time!


The singer lost her weight with the help of this menu.

Christina Aguilera struggled with excess weight for several years and eventually found the formula that put her figure in top shape.

Due to the stress, she was able to gain 30 pounds, which she eventually managed to lose with this diet.

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During this time she did not use any weight loss agents. The only option for her was a healthy diet. With the supervision of a nutritionist and willpower, she has the ideal weight today.

Nutrition rules:

The diet lasted for 10 months and took two stages. The first one lasted 4 months and included:

She had 3 main meals and 2 snacks during this period. Only certain foods, such as chicken, turkey, and cheese, were allowed to be consumed. Of the carbohydrates on the menu are potatoes and macaroni.

The second stage involves products whose primary role is to reduce the desire for sweets.

The consumption of meat, dairy products, eggs, and cheese is allowed. A piece of black chocolate is sometimes allowed. Your daily calorie intake should not exceed 1500 calories. Each meal should have about 450 calories and snacks should have 150 calories. Combine the foods to fit the calorie count.

Phase I menu:

Breakfast: a piece of chicken, a serving of green beans, lettuce, a handful of potatoes.

Lunch: cereal serving, low-fat cheese, celery.

Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, a slice of whole-grain bread, cauliflower.

A snack: Green vegetables, pumpkin, zucchini, tomato.

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Phase II menu:

Breakfast: a handful of fresh berries, avocado, oatmeal, egg, a handful of peanuts

Lunch: beans with turkey or chicken, a slice of tofu, toast with almond paste;

Dinner: seafood salad, green apple, mango.

A snack: Vegetables of your choice

Fats and sugars are completely banned, and high water intake is recommended.

In the end, Christina Aguilera also trained 2 times a week and it was mostly cardio training.

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