Couple Escaped From Corona Virus To The Mountains, But Instead Ended up With Frostbites!


A 43-year-old Peruvian and his 32-year-old Russian wife decided to seek the quarantine from coronavirus by fleeing to the mountain.

A bold decision that might have seemed like a spontaneous romantic adventure turned into a nightmare for a married couple. This couple decided to self isolate themselves in the mountains.

Stuck in a snowstorm, they barely managed to escape the freezing cold.

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As you can see in the footage of the Spanish Civil Guard, they did not settle in a comfortable log cabin with a fireplace.

Instead, they had to collect branches themselves to make some sort of shelter because unfortunately, their escape to the mountains coincided with a heavy snowstorm.

After spending two nights in a shelter they made, the woman began to feel dizzy and she was unable to walk. Her husband was forced to call the police.

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But that was not the end of their torments. It took 48 hours the Civilian Guard and the Forest Rescue Service tried to track them down and to rescue and return them to Madrid.

In the end, in addition to frostbite, they were also fined for violating the quarantine rules. These rules prohibited all residents of Spain from leaving their homes except to go to a store or pharmacy.

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