Couple Wins Lottery, But at The Same Time Miracle Happened in Their Son’s Life!


The lottery winners, who took home two million pounds, described how the real celebration actually began three days later when their son was completely cured of cancer

Evan McDonald, 15, was diagnosed with a type of cancer that develops in the lymphatic system, part of the immune system.

Evan was treated for serious illness last year with chemotherapy. He fully healed three days after his parents, John and Alison, won the lottery.

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The family said they could not describe their happiness in words.

“It’s like all our lifelong dreams came true within three days. What a start to 2020,” said 62 years old father John.

“Everybody always dreams of winning the lottery for Christmas and talking about how amazing it would be,” John said. He added that he and his wife, Alison, never believed that would happen to them.

Alison described the feeling that overwhelmed her after winning the lottery and receiving news of their son’s healing, as “the most amazing feeling ever.”

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