Cruelly Honest: Famous Actress Discovered What She Was Giving up for Her Family and What Her Daughters Are Saying!


The Australian actress admitted that it was difficult for her to make a balance between career and family life.

Nicole Kidman

Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman, 51, met with problems experienced by every single working mother.

She is now the mother of a ten-year-old Sendai and a seven-year-old Feith and got married to musician Keath Urban.

“I had to learn one thing as a woman who later became a mother and as someone who had a career and two children, which is that I had to learn to say no on many occasions”, says Nicole.

“I wanted to be a good mother and wife and that meant I sometimes give up on the things I love,” says the honest actress.

Kidman, who is also a mother to Isabel (24) and Conor (22) who she adopted while she was married to Tom Cruise, is very dedicated when the family is concerned and does not miss any moment when they all come together.

Nicole Kidman

“My biggest passion is my family, my first and only love. Often, our daughters complain that Keath and I are constantly kissing,” she says.

“The most important thing for me is to be there while my daughters grow up and spend time with my husband”, Nicole concludes, adding that she gets all the energy from Keath with whom she has been married for 11 years, and according to her, they are in love from the first day.

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