Date Of Birth Determines Your Fate


In Aztec astrology, there are 12 signs, whose symbols are a mix of plants, animals, and objects. The signs change by the day. When you find your date of birth, you will find out what you are in the Aztec horoscope.

Crocodile Days: January 4, 16, 18; February 2, 14, 26; March 10, 22; April 3, 15, 27; May 9, 21; June 2, 14, 26; July 8, 20; August 1, 13, 25; September 6, 18, 30; October 12, 24; November 5, 17, 29; December 11, 23.

Days of House: January 5, 17, 29; February 3, 15, 27; March 11, 23; April 4, 16, 28; May 10, 22; June 3, 15, 27; July 9, 21; August 2, 14, 26; September 7, 19; October 1, 13, 25; November 6, 18, 30; December 12, 24.

Days of Flower: January 6, 18, 30; February 4, 16, 28; March 12, 24; April 5, 17, 29; May 11, 23; June 4, 16, 28; July 10, 22; August 3, 15, 27; September 8, 20; October 2, 14, 26; November 7, 19; December 1, 13, 25.

Serpent Days: January 7, 19, 31; February 5, 17, 29; March 1, 13, 25; April 6, 18, 30; May 12, 24; June 5, 17, 29; July 11, 23; August 4, 16, 28; September 9, 21; October 6, 15, 27; November 8, 20; December 2, 14, 26.

Days of Deer: January 8, 20; February 1, 6, 18; March 2, 14, 26; April 7, 19; May 1, 13, 25; June 6, 18, 30; July 12, 24; August 5, 17, 29; September 10, 22; October 4, 16, 28; November 9, 21; December 3, 15, 27.

Days Of Jaguar: January 9, 21; February 7, 19; March 3, 15, 27; April 8, 20; May 2, 14, 26; June 7, 19; July 1, 13, 25; August 6, 18, 30; September 11, 23; October 5, 17, 29; November 10, 22; December 6, 16, 28.

Days of Reed: January 10, 22; February 8, 20; March 4, 16, 28; April 9, 21; May 3, 15, 27; June 8, 20; July 2, 14, 26 August 7, 19, 31; September 12, 24; October 6, 18, 30; November 11, 23; December 5, 17, 29.

Rabbit Days: January 11, 23; February 9, 21; March 5, 17, 29; April 10, 22; May 4, 16, 28; June 9, 21; July 3, 15, 27 August 8, 20; September 1, 13, 25; October 7, 18, 31; November 12, 24; December 6, 18, 30.

Eagle Days: January 12, 24; February 10, 22; March 6, 18, 30; April 11, 23; May 5, 17, 29; June 10, 22; July 4, 16, 28; August 9, 21; September 2, 14, 26; October 8, 20; November 1, 13, 25; December 7, 19, 31.

Days of Monkey: January 1, 13, 25; February 11, 23; March 7, 19, 31; April 12, 24; May 6, 18, 30; June 11, 23; July 5, 17, 29; August 10, 22; September 3, 15, 27; October 9, 21; November 2, 14, 26; December 8, 20.

Days of Flint: January 2, 14, 26; February 12, 24; March 8, 20; April 1, 13, 25; May 7, 19, 31; June 12, 24; July 6, 18, 30; August 11, 23; September 4, 16, 28; October 10, 22; November 3, 15, 27; December 9, 21.

Dog Days: January 3, 15, 27; February 13, 25; March 9, 21; April 2, 14, 26; May 8, 20; June 1, 13, 25; July 7, 19, 31; August 12, 24; September 5, 17, 29; October 11, 23; November 4, 16, 28; December 10, 22.


The crocodile is a symbol of happiness and well-being.

Crocodiles are self-reliant and supportive of others. They are also hardworking and responsible, and those traits lead to success.

Crocodiles are loyal to friends and never forget the slightest detail. They have excellent observation power and are highly analytical.

They are romantic and never surrender to another person unless they are completely in love. They give their partner the best part of themselves.

Crocodiles are always looking for a stable and long relationship. They are sensual and ready for bedtime exhibitions to satisfy their partner sexually.

These 5 Zodiac Signs Are Meant to be Famous

The House

The house is a symbol of motherhood, which is why these people are materialists.

They like to be at home and have the best fun there. They are concerned about the financial and emotional well-being of family members and feel obligated to take care of their protection and safety.

They need peace of mind and originality, as well as a job in which they can freely display their abilities.

Their emotions are strong. They are extroverted and they never hold in positive or negative feelings. Also, they love intensely and never look back once you disappoint them.

Houses are also unstable and unpredictable people and are a bit gloomy in nature and therefore seek solitude in their shelter.

They need to feel the love of the people around them. Love without a considerable amount of romance is meaningless to them.

Their character changes drastically when faced with a problem that requires a solution. The house agrees with the snake, reed, rabbit, eagle and other houses.


The flower is a symbol of the game and therefore the members of this sign aren’t afraid to make decisions that could possibly change the course of their lives.

They are very sensitive, artistically minded and fans of pleasures. They are bored with doing uninteresting and routine tasks because there is nothing to motivate them.

Flowers have a strong intuition that can help them avoid many problems and annoyances only if they listen to it.

They are very closed-minded, difficult to show feelings or admit to having a problem and seem tormented. Their hearts are full of love and tenderness and they need love and attention.

These original lovers are also imaginative, who constantly expect surprises from their partner. Otherwise, they will be bored and disappointed.

They should learn to control their nature as well as plan their time better. The flowers are matched by members of the reed, rabbit, dog, monkey, jaguar and deer sign.

The snake

The snake is a symbol of fertility. These people believe in long-term planning as the key to future well-being.

Snakes have a talent for jobs that make a lot of money. It is not easy to break them. Snake is a brave person who fights bravely and almost never surrenders. They never enter a battle where they cannot win.

They have a close relationship with parents and friends and need them to be in the spotlight because they enjoy being admired by others.

Snakes are seductive when they want to be, especially when they are trying to come up with something they strongly want. As lovers, they are unstable because they never know exactly what they want. Snakes pair well with eagles, dogs, snakes, and jaguars.


Deer are lively, fast-thinking people, full of optimism and joy.

They are kind, talkative and love peace. They also love to have many friends and are eloquent in every society.

Yet, all of this is only superficial, because they essentially find it difficult to trust people. They are effective at work. Ambitiousness helps them on their way to business success and achieving high personal goals. They like to be in direct contact with nature.

Deer are shy lovers, so they never give their best, nor can they enjoy the relationship until the end. When they fall in love, they are never sure if their love is reciprocated, and because of this fear, many relationships fail.

They are very sensitive and therefore easy to injure. Deer are compatible with dogs, jaguars, monkeys, flowers, and rabbits.


Jaguar is a symbol of the sun, good heart, good health, perseverance, success, and happiness. Members of this sign are attracted by power and glory.

They make no mistakes, nor can they watch others ruin their plans or ruin things. They are great organizers and perfect leaders, who never risk being unsure of success.

Jaguars are brave and loving when people admire their heroism. They are very sensual and extremely romantic in relationships. They are honest, open and jealous.

Jaguars always need to know that they have control. They know how to be too demanding of themselves and the people around them. Jaguar matches with crocodile, reed, rabbit, and deer.

The Reed

Reed is a symbol of serenity and wisdom. These are cheerful and intelligent people.

They have a constant need for spirituality, art, and joy. They are positive and don’t care much about material wealth. Their happiness is far beyond that.

They are very independent and proud of it. Reeds are skilled with words and money is easy to come by.

Reeds are better friends than lovers, though they have a characteristic charm and charisma. They love surprises and they love friends and relatives.

Reeds don’t like boredom and that is why they are always interested in something. They are capricious in love and seldom surrender to the soul and body. They need freedom and make their own decisions. The reeds pair well with flints, jaguars, flowers, and houses.


This sign is associated with the moon so the rabbits never find out what the financial problems are. These are hardworking people who know how to find the money.

They love luxury items, which they can spend all their wealth on. However, they also know that they are saving money “for the dark days”.

They aren’t good bosses, but they are great advisers and associates. As Businessmen and skilled diplomats, rabbits are successful.

They are friendly and kind while others treat them so, and are full of energy and constantly making plans for the future.

They like to change partners and homes multiple times throughout their lives and have a tolerant and romantic relationship with a partner to whom they are attentive.

But over time, they get bored and start to change. Yet they pay more attention to emotions than to sex.

Rabbits are tireless perfectionists who are struggling to achieve their goals. The rabbit gets along well with humans born in the sign of a deer, snake, jaguar, and dog.


The eagle is closely associated with the sun, a star that gives it courage, happiness, and beauty. They love power and influence and are a great boss, who takes risks but knows how to secure a win.

They are too impulsive and passionate and allows their instincts to govern his mind. They are full of energy and vitality.

Eagles take care of their friends and betrayal can hurt them greatly. It takes them a long time to get over the brunt of fate.

When it comes to love, they are impatient and their emotions are intense. The stability of the eagles depends entirely on their love life.

The eagle is too proud and a little greedy. They should learn to give a little in life. The eagle gets along well with people born in the sign of a snake, a dog, and an eagle.


These are cheerful people who spread positive energy and are good at winning others’ trust.

The monkey is original and creative, his exuberant imagination seeks an open path to fantasy realization. Otherwise, they get bored and frustrated.

They are a great friend but selfish in love and don’t respond to his partner’s requests because they don’ like waivers.

Still, the monkey is emotionally attached to its partners. They always have something new and different to offer.

They are important to communicate in a relationship and to feel support and understanding from his partner. Money does not save. Born in this sign, they get along well with crocodiles, deer, rabbits and other monkeys.


Flint is a symbol of sacrifice, ambition, creativity, and courage. They are people with a strong personality and willpower.

The high goals they set for themselves embark on risky ventures that others lack the courage to do.

They don’t know how to say no to friends even when it goes against their principles. Flints are great lovers, passionate, and are caring and gentle with everyone around them.

They are always afraid of change and anything that could endanger their safety.

In order to feel better, sometimes they need to open their souls. They get along best with people born with crocodiles, deer, rabbits, and monkeys.

The Dog

The dog is a symbol of faithfulness and goodness. These are very intuitive individuals who know how to listen well and are willing to give their best to others.

They spend a lot of time thinking and analyzing. They are perfectionists. Because they don’t want their private lives to suffer, they need a quiet, stress-free job.

They are cautious and don’t like to engage in the unexpected.

In love, they can be cold-blooded, as they fear not being hurt. They are very picky when choosing a partner.

Dogs will not engage in short-term relationships, rather they wait for the “prince on a white horse”. They can work well with rabbit, eagle, flint and deer births.

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