Death Penalty for a Selfie on the Beach?


New rules for taking pictures on one of the most popular beaches in Phuket.

Mai Khao, a beach in Phuket, Thailand, is known, among other things, for being very close to the airport. Since airplanes are flying very low over one part of the beach, the tourist cannot get off with the planes, so they make those (pretty stupid) photos that seem to “hold on to the plane”.

For some unusual reason, photos like these entertain people constantly, therefore the tourists just rush to Mai Khao beach and the selfies are taken.

Now … The authorities warn that such selfies can receive very severe penalties, including fatal ones, but the locals are desperate because their ban on photographing will discourage tourists to visit and all the locals that make living from tourism would suffer.

The problem is that this “runway for selfies” that tourists spontaneously make hinders pilots and will soon be made illegal and severe punishments will occur, as we have said.

Authorities from the airport announced the closure of that part of the beach for tourists, as they believe that so many crowds can cause accidents while planes are landing, as pilots cannot concentrate due to so much crowd.

“Tourists will soon be completely banned from accessing that beach area, and we hope that we will soon obtain satisfactory safety standards,” says Wichita Kaotaiithiam, from Phuket International Airport.

“Local residents and tourists will no longer be allowed to take photos in a low-flying zone,” he says.

Over the years, countless tourists have made photographs in that area, but when new rules come into force, they will threaten with very expensive fines, but they could be condemned to death too …

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