Defeat Insomnia: 5 Tricks That Guarantee You a Better Sleep!


It is clear how irreplaceable sleep is at night. These five tricks will help you cope with insomnia and sleep like a baby!

Leave the house tidy

Wash the dishes and put everything in place before going to sleep – it turns out that this will make it 60% easier to sleep.

Leaving the house in a mess will increase the level of stress hormones in the blood – cortisol.

Also, avoid eating, studying or reading in the bed where you sleep – reserve this place only for sleeping, in the dark.

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Cool down

To fall asleep, the temperature in the abdominal area must drop by 2ºC.

A warm bedtime shower accelerates this process as the body cools rapidly after this.

Take note of the temperature of the room you are sleeping in – except that it should be dark and quiet in your sleeping area, you will also sleep better if the room is cooler. The optimal temperature is 18-22ºC.

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Around 11 pm, your cortisol levels drop sharply and your body starts releasing melatonin.

Oxford scientists also advise that before you fall asleep you should imagine a mountain, relaxing and peaceful – because such a picture will drive away insomnia.


It often happens that after the second phase of sleep you are ready to wake up – to prevent this from happening, run in the afternoon.

Exercises for the cardiovascular system will stabilize your cortisol concentration for at least 10 hours, which will significantly reduce your chances of waking up in the middle of the night.

Cereals for a Better Sleep

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Eat something two hours before going to bed.

Carbohydrate-rich foods will accelerate the flow of amino acid that helps you sleep, tryptophan, to the brain.

Just be careful – eating right before going to bed will make it difficult for you to sleep, and if you still watch television – the situation can be far worse.

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