Demi Moore Isn’t Called a Queen of Fashion for No Reason: These Are Her Rules for Perfect Styling


Demi Moore’s clothing combinations are always perfect choices.

No fashion expert could find any flaw in her styling. Although it sounds almost unbelievable, Demi Moore, the queen of fashion, recently turned 57, but you can’t see that on her.

Her figure is impeccable just like her dressing style. Women in mature age, but also younger ones should look up to her. Always trendy dressed, she knows how to highlight the best on the body.

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The way you dress can add a lot to your look. If you choose the right clothes, you will look a few years younger, and Demi is a real example.

She is guided by these rules:

The color of elegance

We can often see it in elegant combinations in black. There are no mistakes with this combination, and the black suit is a perfect fit.

Proper combinations

If she is wearing a short skirt, the upper part won’t have a deep cleavage and vice versa, it is a rule that she always has.

Comfort is a priority

She likes to feel comfortable in what she wears. “When you’re comfortable in your clothes, it will also affect your appearance.”

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Trendy, but not at all costs

She likes to know what’s trending, but she doesn’t always go for that. She chooses what she likes best and adapts it to her style.

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