Did You Know? You Can Wash These 7 Things in a Washing Machine!


Many can’t even imagine living without a washing machine, and why would they?

These devices are a real relief for any household, but many may not yet be fully utilizing all the options it offers.

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If you didn’t think or dare, here are some things you can put in your washing machine:

  • Shopping bags, especially those made of linen. They are good to have and use instead of the plastic bags you pay in supermarkets that pollute the environment. It may not occur to you to wash them sometimes, and it would be good and very simple. Put them in the washing machine.
  • Have you recently washed a glove with which you take the baking trays out of the oven? You could …
  • Exercise pads are pretty dirty, especially if you use them for a long time. Feel free to wash them from time to time in the washing machine. Also, add some towels inside and be careful not to put on a program with strong spin and hot water.
  • The mouse pad must be cleaned from time to time. The easiest way is to insert it into the washing machine into a delicate fabric program.

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  • Washing sneakers can be a real hassle and it takes hours to clean them manually. Put them in the washing machine on a lower temperature program, along with some towels.
  • Insert the hats and hair accessories in and run the program for delicate fabrics.
  • You can also wash the shower curtains in the washing machine. Check the declaration of the temperature at which they can be washed, and if there is no mark, select the program for manual washing, that is, for sensitive fabrics.
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