Divorced Man: My Wife Left me For Leaving Dirty Glasses in The Sink!


This man’s post with several million views went viral.

Matthew Frey, a blogger from Cleveland and a divorced father, wrote a painful post on his divorce blog in 2016, entitled: “She left me because I left the dishes in the sink.”

Frey realized too late that he had left almost all household chores and child care to his wife. Whenever she walked into the kitchen and saw a dirty drinking glass on the sink, just inches away from the dishwasher she was getting closer to deciding to put an end to their love. The couple divorced in 2013.

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“She didn’t want to be my mother. She wanted to be my partner and she wanted to direct all my abilities, knowledge, and intelligence to manage our life and household. I would like to remember what sounded unreasonable to me at the time.”

Of course, it wasn’t about the glass. It is clear to him today that the problems in the relationship were deeper than the obvious ones. That’s why it actually broke.

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His post received several million views, and was shared via HuffPost at so quickly it went viral. And probably many couples share similar problems.

Today, Matthew, taught by his experience, advises many couples to save their marriage if they have similar problems.

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He emphasizes that he is not a psychotherapist, but there are still those who are interested.

Psychotherapist Jodie Eisner says that such a practice could be a good starting point for couples who are not yet ready for the right therapy but are looking for advice to improve their marriage.

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