Do Not Mention Romance to Them! 4 Zodiac Signs That Hate Valentine’s Day With All Their Heart


For some Zodiac signs, Valentine’s Day is the most beautiful holiday of the year. They expect this day to be romantic, filled with love, attention and many beautiful gifts.

They want to spend this special day with their partner in a unique way. But there are Zodiac signs that would rather lie on the couch and stare at the ceiling instead of “tormenting” themselves with all expectations on this day.

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Capricorns are responsible, determined and disciplined. They also know that they are pessimists who do not like to tell other people what to do.

Their practicality helps them make the perfect plan for spending and saving, and they don’t want to waste money on unnecessary things. They do not want someone to tell them that they should buy a gift for their partner on that day.

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While Aquarius is intelligent, sociable and creative, they can also be a little emotional. Their artistic brains sometimes make them look irresponsible, so they will completely forget that Valentine’s Day exists. But it’s not their fault.

If they are truly inspired to be romantic and celebrate this day with their partner, they will organize something truly spectacular, and if they feel pressured to do so – they will probably forget or simply say they are not interested.


Virgo is viewed as organized, responsible and realistic. A holiday that includes flowers, chocolates, and overly expensive dinners seems silly.

They would rather spend money on something that would last, for example, by investing in technology or in a branded purse. Virgo is simply too logical to spend their entire salary on flower ornaments.

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While Scorpios are the most sensitive sign in the entire Zodiac, they can also be jealous, obsessive and paranoid, so the idea for Valentine’s Day is too much for them. The pressure to find the perfect gift, a message of deep significance and the organization of an unforgettable love meeting can drive Scorpio mad, so they would rather skip this whole process. Scorpios don’t like to show their love in just that one day in the year.

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