Do You Know How to Make a Baby in an African Tribe?


We are sure that many people do not know about this practice in some African tribes.

Parents are the ones who decide whether and when they’ll have a child, but the child actually chooses their parents and finds a way to them. This is a common belief in one of the African tribes.

There is a tribe in Africa where the date of birth of the child is not calculated from the day it came into the world, but from the day the child was thought in the mother’s mind. And when a woman decides to have a child, she leaves and sits under the tree, alone, and listens until she hears the song of a child who wants to come.

And as she hears the song of that child, she returns to the man who will be the child’s father. Then, when they make love to physically start a child, they sing the song of the child for a while, as a way to summon him.

And when pregnant, the mother teaches grandmothers and other old women in the village of the child’s song, so that when the baby is born, the old women and people around her would sing the child a welcome song. Later as the child grows, other villagers learn the song. If a child falls and hurts his/her knee, someone will sing it to him/her. Or when a child does something wonderful or passes through puberty, people in the village sing his or her song.

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If at any time during his/her life a person commits a crime or an aberrant social act, he/she is called to the center of the village and all the people from the community surround them and then they sing the song.

The tribe understands that the correction of anti-social behavior is not punishment, but love and recall of one’s identity. When you recognize your own song, you do not have the desire or need to do anything that would hurt someone else.

You do not need to grow up in an African tribe that will sing your song on all the crucial crossroads, because life reminds you when you are in line with yourself, and when you are not. In the end, we will all recognize our song and we will sing it well. Maybe you’re trembling at this point, but that’s what happens to the best singers. Just keep singing and discover the way to get home.

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