Do You Know Where The Dresses That Celebrities Wear on Red Capet Go After The Premiere?


They wear them on the red carpet, impress us or disappoint us, and here’s what happens to these clothes afterward – it’s clear that celebrities don’t wear them twice

Famous ladies prepare very thoroughly and for a very long time for glamorous events and the red carpet.

More specifically, preparations for the red carpet begin immediately after the nominations are announced. Fashion designers then make sketches of potential creations and choose which celebrities will wear those creations.

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Some designers even pay famous ladies to appear in their creations – between 70,000 and 120,000 euros.

However, for the most part, designers borrow dresses to a celebrity for one night, for free, because it benefits both sides. Designers get an advertisement, and celebrities get dresses in which they will look elegant and beautiful.

To make sure the dress looks good in every photo, stylists follow the famous ladies on the red carpet to make sure the dress is well-fitted at all times.

However, when a glamorous event is over, then what happens to these dresses? It depends.

In most cases, as we said, the dresses were borrowed from the designers and returned to them upon completion of the evening.

So where do they go?

Stylist Charlie Le Mindu, who did dresses for spots by Lady Gaga and Lane Del Rey, gives some more details.

“When a celebrity is interested in working with me, I design clothes just for that person. Right from the start, we set a budget, which ranges between 10,000 and 40,000 euros. It depends on the materials used,” says Charlie.

He also adds that he usually makes a few dresses that he sends to the client to try, so they can choose and decide which one to wear.

“After wearing it, they can either buy it or return it to me.”

And in very rare cases, the designer gifts the dress to the person who wore it.

For example, if it happens that some famous beauty has attracted a lot of attention in a particular dress, chances are that the designer will give it to her instead of lending it to someone else.

Perhaps the most famous of these is the famous “Versace” dress that Jennifer Lopez wore at the 2000 Grammy Awards.

Also, some big fashion houses like Valentine or Dior keep the dresses that famous ladies wore in their archives.

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