Do You Spend Enough Quality Time With Your Children?


Many parents are annoyed that they spend little time with their children, but experts often point out that it is not so much how long you are with your child during the day, but how well you use that time. 

So don’t blame yourself if you spend a little time with your little ones, but do your best to fill that time with creative and fun activities. Although it is important how much time parents spend with their children, it is much more important how they spend that time. 

Today the amount of family time is affected by longer working hours, but also by mobile phones and computers. Young parents spend a lot of time on these devices even when they are with their children. They are calmer because they are with the children, but in fact, there is no contact or closeness between them – explain the therapists.

No matter how long you are together with your children if you are doing something that gives you and your little one pleasure, that time is precious. It’s not a big deal if you sometimes spend only half an hour with your child during the day – if after that time both you and the child are happy and fulfilled

Here are some tips on how to increase the quality of time spent with children

Listen to your child with full attention

Many parents when they come home from work first try to sort things around the house and talk to their children by asking questions and not waiting for an answer. Children recognize very well when we do not listen to them with full attention. Let the children talk about themselves, about what they like to do, about their worries. This will help build an atmosphere of trust and acceptance. So, after returning from work, first, sit down and talk. Tell them what happened to you that day, and then ask them how they spent their time while you were not there.

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Plan weekends together

Talk about the things you will do on the weekends, plan them together, and look forward to shared experiences. Make a list of things you need to do and take the time to play. 

Let the children help you with household chores

Explain to the children what you need to do at home, and let them help you with that. Even cooking dinner together is fun for them. If adults show enthusiasm, creativity, humor, and good will, children will help with household chores with pleasure. In that way, the child develops work habits, raises the level of self-confidence through learning skills, and does not experience work as a compulsion or coercion, but as a part of family dynamics.

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Read together

When the child is very young, parents have the habit of reading to them. However, as soon as the child starts school and learns to read, this habit disappears. But it is not immediately necessary to withdraw from the children’s room as soon as it starts reading. You can also read together, side by side. This is a great way to be together. 

Hug him a lot

Hug your child when you say hello to him, when you follow him to school or welcome him home. For some people, this is normal and they hug children quite spontaneously, but if you do not belong to this group, try to start hugging your child more. A hug means a lot to a child. 

Have dinner together

Dinner is a great time to talk about how family members spent the day. The atmosphere is relaxed enough and you can easily find out what is going on in your child’s head. If dinner together is not possible for some reason determine any other meal on the day you will spend together as a family.

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