Does the Latin Diva Beautify her Photos on Social Networks? See how J. Lo Really Looks on the Beach


Instagram or reality? Which one do you choose?

source: people

Although She is an idol to many women because of her attractive images, a photo that has been released to the public proves that not even Jennifer Lopez is perfect as many consider her to be.


Namely, the popular singer relaxed on a romantic holiday in the Bahamas, with her boyfriend Aleks Rodriges. On that occasion, Jennifer Lopez was photographed in a two-piece swimsuit that revealed her flaws, although many expected a perfectly flat stomach and a slim figure.

Being in the fifth decade of her life, there is no doubt that J. Lo looks great, but it’s obvious that she is another in a series of world-class stars who have their images photoshopped to look flawless in the virtual space.

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