Dogs And Cats In The Same House? There Is a Way!


The saying that dogs and cats are enemies has spread in society and created the belief that the two species disagree. But there is a way to make them live together in harmony and love!

However, veterinarians believe that tolerance between dogs and cats can be learned. If they grew up together or if they are socialized with other animal species, tolerance is easily achieved.

Advice is that before you make the decision to bring the cat to a home where the dog already lives, you should think about how well you know your dog.

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Animals that have never lived or socialized with each other may react differently. Some will want to play, others will ignore each other. And some pets see other pets as prey and want to catch them.

Analyze your dog’s earlier contact with cats. There are dogs that live with cats, but who chase all other cats on the street. Also there are those who hunt cats and all other animals with the aim of killing them.

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There are adult dogs that are not accustomed to living with cats, and who have a strong urge to capture and kill prey. Those types of dogs are not to be trusted around cats.

Separate them for the first time

When a new animal is coming to your house, take the old one to a separate room.

This will avoid physical contact and allow them to first get used to smells and sounds.

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