Dreaming About Lottery Win? These Numbers Are Proven to Be the Luckiest, But There Is a Catch!


Winning the lottery is a common dream of a every person as a solution to all life’s problems. Some numbers are indeed more likely to bring you a win.

The bad news is that your chances of winning the lottery are pretty slim.

You are actually more likely to be hit by lightning or that something will fall on your head while walking.

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On the other hand, the good news is, at least according to the great British analysis, that some numbers are “happier” than others, that is, statistically significantly more often drawn as the winning ones.

Namely, as proven the happiest number, the researchers singled out is number 16.

Equally, they observed the number that is drawn the least number of times since the study and found that by this criterion the most unlucky number is 18.

The luckiest numbers

  • 16 * 22 * 28 * 37 * 6 * 3

The most unlucky numbers

  • 18 * 46 * 40 * 41 * 32 * 36

However, lottery is not a happiness. Research shows that winning the lottery doesn’t mean that there will be an improvement in the quality of life in the long run.

According to a Forbes survey, as many as a third of lottery winners go bankrupt, and many more suffer from depression or divorce.

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