Eight most uncomfortable cars you can buy today


Riding in them borders agony.

The car market is full of comfortable and convenient models of cars that are now more affordable than ever before, but what about the uncomfortable ones?

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Are there vehicles that are so uncomfortable that they are nearly impossible to drive?

They are definitely there, and we will introduce you to some of the most uncomfortable cars you can buy today.

Ford Focus 2011

Although this model is very much in demand today, earlier models had trouble giving passengers a comfortable ride.

The biggest drawback is the uncomfortable seat fabric and the rather small rear bench.

Despite the fact that the new models are much more comfortable, many buyers who are looking for a comfortable ride are still skeptical when it comes to Focus.

Fiat Panda 2004

Despite borrowing a good deal of its looks from the “famous” Multiple, the second-generation Panda doesn’t look bad.

In fact, Panda manages to strike a balance between a cheap hatchback and an SUV.

But unfortunately, it was also named one of the most uncomfortable cars on the market, according to tests involving over 60,000 drivers.

Citroen C1 2005

C1 is many things, but there is no comfort in them.

It is a small and affordable car that many like because of its practical design.

Although no one buys this model because of its vastness, it is probably its highest quality.

But if you spend a little more time in it, you will quickly realize that it is one of the most uncomfortable cars in the world.

Cheap seats and rough plastic make the interior unadulterated, while the engine gets very noisy at any speed exceeding 80 kilometers per hour.

VW New Beetle

The Beetle is one of the longest-running models that has truly earned legend status.

However, the new model will definitely not gain similar status as the seats do not provide enough space and comfort.

Despite the new design and the many technological innovations, the interior is still very small, and thus the cabin can be overcrowded and therefore very uncomfortable.

Add uncomfortable seats and it becomes clear to many why this is the most uncomfortable car they have ever sat in.

Nissan Note 2004

Although it was met with considerable customer enthusiasm when it came to light, the Note very quickly proved to be an uncomfortable car, especially on longer journeys.

Despite the fact that the interior is quite spacious, this car lacks the quality and comfort it offers to the passengers.

The seats are rigid and uncomfortable, while the instrument panel provides only the most basic.

Hyundai i20 2008

The seat comfort survey conducted by Auto Express put this model at the bottom of the seat comfort list.

The first-generation seats are poorly made and have a solid charge – which is an extremely poor combination for longer journeys.

The interior full of plastic does not improve the thing, nor does the overall look of the cabin.

Kia Picanto

The first generation of this model was conceived as a cost-effective solution for short city rides.

Therefore, the plastic in the interior is not surprising, as well as the presence of only the most basic things, but the discomfort of even shorter rides outside the city was an unpleasant surprise for many people.

Judging by Which? according to a survey of 39,000 drivers, the Picanto is one of the worst long-distance cars ever built because of the seats that are designed for shorter distances.

Ford Ka 1996

Although viewed as a cheap little city car when it came out, the Ka quickly proved to be another stiff and uncomfortable Ford.

The first generation, produced by 2008, definitely deserves the title of the most uncomfortable car on the road, or so the 39,000 drivers surveyed by Which? state.

For a car that also has a back seat, Ka is a nightmare, and things don’t get better in the front, too.

True, Ka will take you from point A to point B at a low cost, but you will certainly spend that difference in fuel money at the chiropractor.

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