Even If They Wanted To, They Couldn’t Forgive This: Leo Defeat, Aquarius Humiliation…


Even if they wanted to, they couldn’t get past these things. Every horoscope sign has a weak point and when you touch it it will always hurt. To some, it’s pride, to some it’s an unfulfilled ambition …


He hardly forgets the childhood trauma or humiliation he experienced from those he loved most and whom he trusted. They who let him down or let him struggle through life completely alone.

People he trusted (parents or close cousin), he easily put them into the “life ring”. Although Aries was able to become independent early, such a scar on his soul will hardly heal.

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Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t forget the insolence of colleagues who had no understanding or respect for him when he deserved it most. He deserved that respect primarily because of his knowledge, hard work, and dedication.

For Taurus is, love is just as important as his career. He can hardly reconcile due to force majeure, a romance abroad with someone he was in love with.


One of the most intelligent representatives of the Zodiac always handles everything. So, the Gemini seems at first glance as if nothing could even hurt them to such an extent that they would like to forget any unpleasant situations.

However, they also have a weak point – creativity (game, music, song, painting). If not realized in the way they imagined, they can only remain their unfulfilled desire forever. And that is hardly forgotten.


A Romantic Cancer would like to forget that moment, situation or day when he was very young, delirious, and when he first experienced love disappointment.

He will be accompanied by that feeling throughout life, and he will strive to forget it and it will be difficult for him.

In fact, it gets harder every day, because Cancer remembers the tenderness and dreams in which he hovered, and then everything collapsed. If only he could find out why everything turned out this way.

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If Leo could forget the defeat in his favorite sport (tennis), it would be easier, but his memories wouldn’t give him peace.

If he couldn’t become a general in military service or be a leader of a team in an important state institution (politics, science), this born fighter can’t be satisfied.

It is hard to forget the failure or the possibility that he might have been the first in something, to be the one organizing the work and solving the problem of general interest.


Virgo can’t forget his first love, and for the rest of his life, she will return to his mind, reminding him about that unforgettable feeling.

It would probably be easier for him to get rid of the emotional “burden” that occasionally pressures him because he’s thinking about what could have been different.

Or what if the person he loved was now beside him. Although practical and rational, Virgo will forget neither the first date nor the first kiss.


Libra doesn’t forget the injustice or humiliation he experienced in the workplace. That humiliation happened when he was probably very successful, perhaps at his professional prime, or at least it seemed so.

Libra is an eternal fighter, especially against injustice. The bitter taste of the defeat he experienced will always remind him that not everything is always what it looks like.

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Scorpio doesn’t forget the moment when he was exposed to public criticism or injustice. That made him feel very uncomfortable in a larger society, whether it was for business or private life.

He doesn’t like it when someone wants to jeopardize his ideals, goals, and plans, which he wanted to achieve. Although he would like to forget, Scorpio remembers everything.


At least once in his life, Sagittarius is naive. Because of that, he made the wrong business move or got some bad credit.

Sometimes he wants to forget how it all happened to him, and sometimes just remembering all the inconvenience he went through. That serves as a reminder that he should always be careful and not trust anyone. “Who is bitten by the snake, is later afraid of the lizard.”


He doesn’t forget someone he loved, and yet he decided, instead of staying with him, to try his luck somewhere far away, in another city or some foreign country.

That is why Capricorn nourishes the memories of the person he loved, remembers everything that could have been, occasionally fleeing to his world of imagination and memories, to make it easier for himself.

He watches romantic movies, wishes to write a love novel, or simply reads the memories in his head.


Aquarius doesn’t forget humiliation on a professional level, even when acting so outrageously, that you would think that something like that never touched him, let alone had a bigger impact.

Although vengeful, primarily because of hurt vanity, he wishes he could forget something as ugly as betrayal, mistrust, or humiliation by those he trusted.

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He wanted to shine in public, on some stage or movie screen, maybe on the political scene, but that didn’t happen.

Therefore, Pisces cannot forget the situation or the missed chance that is presented to him, but at that moment he didn’t know to recognize the difference between his imagination and reality.

It was then that the melancholy Pisces realized that withdrawing into his own world was far less painful than facing the reality still fulfilled by his dreams.

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