Everyone Wonders if Her Beauty is a Photoshop Scam


The world heard about this beauty several years ago, after she appeared in the music video of a popular star. She then got married to a famous millionaire.

Xenia Deli, 28, was married to Egyptian billionaire Osama Fathi Rabah Al-Sharif (64) for several years. She has been intriguing the world public for quite some time. Many of her pictures prove that she isn’t a photoshop scam.

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The reason for that is partly because of the fact that she is married to an Egyptian rich man, partly because of the age difference, and partly because of the extravagant lifestyle shared by Osama and her.

Xenia married the Egyptian in Greece in Zuhair Murad’s wedding dress. She is getting more and more noticeable on Instagram, 880 thousand followers and counting.

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She is managing to “hold” this popularity by interesting but also provocative fashion editions. People could tell that Xenia was something special when she appeared in Justin Bieber’s music video “What do you mean?”

Xenia also has an enviable modeling experience. She was a member of the Elite Model Management, based in Los Angeles. She has also done business from New York to London.

Is Xenia, who also has a daughter with a millionaire, really this beautiful outside of Instagram?

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Her 2015 photos “say” that her attractiveness is real.

A 2000 photo indicates that she did a lot of work on her appearance.

Attractiveness checked and confirmed, but Xenia loves photoshop and the pictures clearly prove that.

What impression does Xenia Deli make on you? Do you believe this is a photoshop scam?

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