Expectations That Are Destroying Your Relationship!


When we fall in love, we usually have some ideas of what the relationship should look like, and those ideas are often riddled with unrealistic expectations, which actually destroy the relationship

Here are the most common unrealistic expectations people have, make sure this is not the case with you.

I must be the center of my partner’s world

In the beginning, everything will really revolve around you because your partner will try in every way to seduce and conquer you, but later, when you are already well acquainted with and used to each other, there will be other things in their mind.

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That doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you anymore. Instead of constantly complaining about being unnoticed, remember that we all have obligations that we have to fulfill. Find something that will occupy your attention and accept that reality is such that the whole world cannot revolve around you.

If he loves me, he will always know what I need – even when I don’t tell him

Yes, sometimes partners can assume what the other needs at the moment, but very rarely. It’s much better and more realistic not to expect your partner to read your mind, but to learn to say what you need – it will greatly enhance your relationship.

We always have to agree

It is too romantic to expect that you two will always agree 100%. After all, it’s also quite healthy to have different opinions about something, different beliefs.

Also, it would be wise not to always try to convince your partner that you are right.

Of course, for the survival of the relationship, it is important that you agree on some important things – whether you want marriage, children, how you imagine living together … but it does not matter at all whether you share an opinion on some unimportant things.

It’s easy to be in a relationship

It may be silly to say that it’s difficult to be in a relationship because it’s not. But it’s not easy either – it involves a lot of adjustment, acceptance, effort … if you want to succeed.

First of all, it is important that, in addition to love, respect and trust, you have constant and good communication. Be prepared to compromise and not always put your needs first.

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He/she needs to change because of me

Many people think so, and many are afraid to be in a relationship because they think a partner will try to change them.

But let’s be real, a situation where someone is meant to be something that is not sustainable in the long run. That won’t make either of you happy.

Therefore, if you are already starting a relationship, do not expect your partner to change. Because, people mature and change their minds, but they do not essentially change.

Healthy relationships are not perfect. But not having these unrealistic expectations increases the chance of being in a happy relationship that has the potential to last.

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