EXPERTS ADVISE ABOUT THE LOVE DURING THE CORONA: Here’s What You Need To Do While In Isolation With Your Partner!


Experts advise how to maintain a good relationship with your partner during isolation.

If you adhere to the prescribed measures during the coronavirus pandemic, chances are that you are seeing more of your partners, spouses and other family members than you are used to.

Experts say that due to self-isolation, lawyers are already predicting an increase in divorce by the end of the year.


Don’t assume how the other person feels

Assumptions add to resentment when they are proven wrong. Instead of assumptions, use clear and open dialogue to avoid conflict.

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If you have anxiety, it is best to say what is troubling you.

The counselor suggests taking the time to tell your loved ones what is bothering you. Of course, this does not justify the cruelty, but it does mitigate a reaction you might regret later.

Psychotherapist Kate Moyle also claims that the key is communication. It advises you to be as clear as possible, and if you are frustrated or stressed, express emotions in the first person singular.

Accept the fact that the circumstances will be challenging

Despite your best will, in these circumstances, you are likely to argue. If you are arguing then you are likely to go into a conversation about the virus.

You may want to know as much as possible about the situation while your partner refuses. Remember that there are many different ways to deal with stress and your way is not the only one.

Let big quarrels wait

Although tensions are normal in this situation, you should not use them to throw out all the problems in a relationship. The expert advises to put aside big fights or conversations for a while.

Make sure you find time for each other

If you are both working from home and trying to maintain a stable relationship, then clearly separate “home life” from the business.

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Take time for housework, but keep it out of business hours. Many people will find it difficult to work from home because it limits you in several ways, so do not accumulate additional stress around the housework while you work.

Couples counselor says it’s a good idea to establish a routine and enjoy your activities together.

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