Father Of Two Spied His Wife: What He Saw Left Him Speechless!


The husband admitted that he was spying on his wife via a nanny cam and that he was stunned when he saw what she was doing.

The father of twins said he happened to look at an app that shows what is happening in the house and was worried about what he saw.

Specifically, on the live stream, he saw his sons fighting while his wife was sitting with a tablet. What particularly disturbed him was the fact that his wife had noise-canceling headphones on her ears. She could not hear what was happening with the children.

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– I was worried and decided to talk to her when I got home in the evening. In the afternoon, I looked again on the app what they were doing and again I was speechless.

Our kids ate frozen cheese sticks from the fridge while she talked to someone over a video call and still had noise-canceling headphones.

It was so bizarre and unexpected, and it made me look at older footage as well. I saw her wearing headphones all the time and practically avoiding our children – said father.

When he got home, he wanted to talk to his wife about her behavior. When he mentioned to her what he saw, she became furious.

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– She was angry that I watched the footage and told me I shouldn’t do it. She didn’t want to talk about this issue at all – wrote the father on social media.

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