Federer Enraged the Planet! He Did This in The Middle of a Pandemic, The Public Was Shocked!


A month has passed since Novak Djokovic was publicly criticized for organizing the Adria Tour during the coronary virus pandemic in the world, and a new incident is on the horizon, whose main character is Roger Federer.

Of course, we could listen to and watch the attacks on Novak Djokovic every day because all the world media covered that topic. Social networks are “burning”, Ben Rothenberg, a journalist from the New York Times and one of the best tennis experts in the world, did not hesitate to put the best tennis player in the world on the pole of shame, but it seems that the time has come to “switch” from Djokovic to Federer.

Federer is Under Attack For Supporting an Australian Racist

Namely, the first man of the specialized tennis site “Punto de Break”, Jose Moron, criticized the Swiss who took pictures with the fans without a mask.

What we said about Djokovic, we must repeat here. He took pictures with the fans without wearing a mask or keeping a distance of one meter. You can also see how he was offered a pen to give an autograph. Wrong – Moron wrote on Twitter.

Who’s The GOAT, Djokovic Or Federer: Big Discussion on TV!

These days, everyone is under public scrutiny and every step of the best is well followed, so they should be careful what they do, because every wrong move at a time when the corona virus is still raging, will take them to the pillar of shame.

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