First Journey with a Baby – Tips and Ideas for Parents


Traveling with a partner or friends requires planning and organization, which may take several months, a few days, and a couple of hours. For those with an adventurous spirit, this last is certainly an option. However, when another member of the family becomes part of the travel equation, things become different. The first journey with a baby requires careful planning and a different approach to the organization of the trip itself.

As the summer vacation season is approaching, travel planning is more and more often mentioned in everyday conversations. In addition to equipping a children’s room or selecting a blanket for your baby, planning a trip with a baby is up to this time of the year. If you plan to spend your vacation with your baby, read the following tips and ideas for parents how to arrange your first trip with your baby.

First journey with the baby – what should be kept in mind

Doctors and pediatricians take the baby’s age of three months or more for the first time with a baby. So, the first thing to keep in mind when you want to organize your first trip with your baby, it’s important not to disturb the baby’s rhythm and not to burden him with a hard trip.

For shorter destinations, traveling with the baby is possible immediately after the first walk. However, if it’s a long journey, where several time zones are changing, the baby’s rhythm needs to be adjusted to the changes. This is best achieved by gradually introducing changes to the daily routine of feeding, breastfeeding or sleeping.

The best things for a baby are best packed a couple of days ago. Be sure to pack the baby’s favorite things, as well as the entire hygienic accessories that the baby uses at home. Make sure you complete the list of baby things with travel insurance. When preparing for a trip, it is important to plan everything – from the destination to the luggage. This is especially important when it comes to babies because these little buddies are sensitive and can not handle all kinds of travel well.

Travel with a baby by plane – a baby on a plane

Babies aged up to two years (infant) can fly without a plane ticket. Parents pay only 10% of the total price for their baby. In addition, babies are not charged an air tax so it is often necessary to extract a symbolic amount of money for a journey with a baby plane.

However, the baby on the plane presents a huge challenge for both the parents and the environment. Before entering the airplane, you need to prepare for a crowd at the airport and ask yourself if the facility has baby equipment. Therefore, the content guide at the airport can be a useful thing when planning a trip with a baby.

When entering the plane, make sure to take a seat to the window, for pragmatic reasons that make it easier for you to feed your baby, and for animating reasons – the baby may be interesting to look through the window.

Airlines offer mothers with baby cribs that greatly facilitate the first journey with the baby. These baskets are free, and the anatomical shape varies depending on the company you are flying with. When booking, it is necessary to emphasize that the mother wants to be available during the trip.

When it comes to baby seats, one baby is allowed to be at the seat of the parent or guardian. If a parent wants a special seat for his or her baby, due to the flight length or larger comfort, it is necessary to pay 67% of the total amount of the ticket, as well as all fees for purchasing tickets for an adult.

If the baby is sitting in a separate seat, it is necessary to take care of the safety of the baby during the flight. For this reason, air carriers provide a list of suitable types of car seats that can be entered on the flight so that the baby is provided with a safe and comfortable flight by plane. Another note regarding the baby on the plane is that parents with a baby need to enter the flight before other travelers. In this way, they have more time to prepare themselves and the baby for the journey.

Where to travel with a baby?

Before traveling with a baby, you need to perform a regular pediatric examination. When choosing a destination, make sure that it matches the youngest member of your family. If you are wondering where to travel with a baby, the answer is first of all to a place that is not too noisy.

Make sure that you do not take small children to places where there is a risk of infection since small babies should be vaccinated against numerous diseases. If your baby has health problems, avoid traveling longer.

Also, before traveling with a baby, inquire about weather forecasts and conditions so your baby will best adapt to the destination you are traveling to. Ask yourself if there are baby-friendly programs on these destinations that provide childcare services and have everything you need to make your baby’s atmosphere complete.

Before selecting a destination and answering the question of where to go to the sea with a baby, make sure that the baby equipment for the sea is full, and consult with the doctor about the time that the baby should spend in the water. If you have all the necessary things for a baby, it’s important to choose the right location for a baby vacation.

Where to winter with the baby?

Although the summer season is in the best season, it is important to keep in mind that organizing a trip with a baby all year long is a challenge for parents. Departing to winter with a baby presents a special challenge for parents as every trip to the mountain is required for a young organism.

That’s why going to winter with the baby is a better option for older children. It is then possible to visit the mountain in which you are wintering, to engage in some of the winter activities, whether it’s snowing, skiing or hiking, so it’s advisable to keep your babies out of winter excursions during the earliest months.

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