Fisherman Found Something Disgusting on The Beach: Now He Could be 320.000€ Richer!


Thai fisherman Jumrus Tiachot, 55, was walking on the beach when he saw something strange, weighing about 6 pounds.

He was convinced at first that it was a whale vomit, which was highly valued in certain parts of the world.

Since Tiaochot earns about 11 euros a day, the extra profit would come in handy. He started asking the villagers for a test.

Although they told him the result was negative, he was visited by local officials who confirmed that it was indeed a whale’s vomit.

“Three neighbors came when they heard what I found. They took a couple of samples saying they would test everything, but the tests showed no results. I wanted to know the truth, so I contacted the authorities. Now that I know what it is about. I’ll sell it, ” he said.

Dolphins Have Feelings

An estimated 6 pounds of heavy “vomit” is worth about 320,000 euros, judging by how prices have moved before.

Experts have found that the piece contains more than 80 percent of the so-called Ambergris that is produced in the digestive system of whale. This sounds disgusting, however, it even smells pleasant, which is why it is a highly sought substance in the perfume industry.

For example, in 2016, a piece of 1.57 kilograms of amber, found in Lancashire, was sold for 50,000 £. In the same year, three fishermen from Oman pulled out 80 kg of whale vomit and sold it for 3 million $!

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