Foods That Should Never be Consumed When Your Throat Hurts!


Please read below what foods you should avoid if you have a sore throat.

Sore throat is an uncomfortable condition that occurs quite often, especially in times of virus infections.

The pain usually goes away on its own within seven to ten days or within a few days if we have strong immunity and drink antibiotics.

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The intensity of pain can also be affected by the foods we consume. That is, it is essential that we eat foods that boost immunity. On the other hand, foods that aggravate symptoms should be avoided.

Spicy food

Foods that are very spicy can cause throat pain, even if the spices are great for immunity: e.g. chili, which most often has red pepper and black pepper, is known to boost the immune system.

While the pain persists, you should look for other ways to strengthen your immunity.

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Hard and crispy products

Potato chips, popcorn, and pretzels can scratch your throat and extend your recovery period.

Coffee and alcohol

Coffee can irritate the throat, which only aggravates the symptoms. Alcoholic beverages in addition to making throat pain worse, also get toxins in the body.

As the body fights infection, it is important that we do not consume anything that might further weaken the immune system. In addition, coffee and alcohol in large quantities can cause dehydration.

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