For them, Years Are Just Numbers -These 9 Famous Ladies Have Been More and More Beautiful as They Aged, Here’s Their Secret!


These famous ladies discovered how they can maintain their good looks even though they are getting older!

Many well-known ladies pay special attention to their appearance in order to look fabulous. Here’s how they nourish their skin and what they do to preserve a younger look.

Claudia Schiffer

The famous German model does not only drink a lot of water but also washes her skin with a special kind of water. She admits she likes to wash her face with special water, after which her skin is cleaner and softer.

Demi Moore

The secret of Demi Moore’s young outlook is good nourishment that involves proper hydration.

“No matter how late it is, when I come home, I have to take the time to hydrate my face,” said Demi once.

Elle McPherson and Christine Brinkley

Victoria Secret models reveal how they believe in regular exfoliation so that the skin can look flawless. Namely, sixty-year-old Christine swears that the secret to her perfect skin is everyday exfoliation.

Meryl Streep

This star still looks great as when she was young. What is her secret? Organic food! Meryl Streep claims that the main reason for her beautiful skin is organic food.

Julia Roberts

Though we think actresses like to rely on makeup, Julia Roberts claims she does not wear it all the time which makes her skin stay young. She regularly cleanses her face and reveals that she never wears makeup when she doesn’t work.

Hellen Hunt and Julianne Moore

These ladies rely on the protective factor (SPF). Especially Julianne Moore, who always protects her skin with protective factor products and likes to walk in the shade for additional protection.

Emma Thompson

The British actress loves to work out and claims that regular exercise is the secret of her youthful appearance. She regularly goes to pilates and takes walks often.

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