Forgiveness is Not Always a Good Idea: 8 Reasons to Turn Your Back And Leave


Don’t hurt your soul by forgiving someone just because it’s Christian to forgive.

We have been taught since childhood, that forgiveness is very important. Those who grew up with religious parents probably heard that it was Christian to forgive. But it is normal for us to continue to feel angry for at least a while when we are injured.

Anger Doesn’t Bring Anything Good: Forgiveness On The Other Hand Does!

If we quickly get over the insult we forgive, it means that we are literally abusing ourselves, not allowing the mind to fully understand what happened.

For all this, we bring you 8 reasons why people should not be forgiven (at least not immediately):

1. By forgiving, we do not allow the culprit to take responsibility.

2. By forgiving, you force yourself to suppress all those feelings you have.

3. By forgiving, you are making a point that you are either approving or giving up from what happened.

4. If you forgive quickly, you give the culprit a chance to repeat the same mistake.

5. If you forgive, the culprit will be releaved of the caused pain.

6. Forgiveness requires more energy than it is worth.

7. If you are not ready to forgive someone, do not push yourself to do it.

8. Never forgive the person who did not show remorse and did not genuinely apologize.

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