Four Music Pieces That Cure Insomnia


It is proven that music affects our emotions. Music can make us cry but it can also make us fall asleep easier. With these four pieces, you will sleep like a baby.

A new survey of Hong Kong scientists and doctors about dreams and sleep has recently been released. The participants of this study listened to music for 30-45 minutes each night for three years. and felt much better the next morning. As a result of this, they fall asleep faster, they have deeper sleep and they are feeling better every morning.

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Scientists have confirmed that by doing this we can literally get the body to relax, and we can get our heartbeat to synchronize with lighter music. In this way, listening to music becomes a form of meditation, because the sounds from the environment slow the heart rate, lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety.

After proving a link between beats in music and heartbeat, physicians that study sleep problems also began collaborating with musicians to help them research by creating music that was later called “the coolest music ever.”

Back in 2011, the English trio of musicians called “Marconi Union” worked with the British Academy of Sound Therapy. And they created an eight-minute instrumental recording called “Weightless”. This piece is designed to get the listener to relax. It is distinguished by calming sounds and the pace that will reduce heart rate.

A recent study shows how music affects anxiety. This study has proven that participants who solved difficult puzzles while listening to various types of music had a reduction of anxiety levels.

And if you want to fall asleep faster and better, stay away from that song and try this list:

Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy
“Canzonetta Sul-aria” by Mozart
“Nocturne and E flat major Op.9 No.2” Chopin
“The Boxer” by Simon and Garfunkel

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