“Friendly” Match in Prison – 16 Dead And 5 Injured


In Zacatecas, Mexico, on New Year’s Eve, a prison match was held between members of two rival drug cartels. Arrested members of the Gulf and Zeta cartels played against each other. Outcome – 16 dead and five injured.

What, for some reason, was thought to be a friendly prison football match in which the arrested members of two rival drug cartels competed, ended disastrously.

Members of the Gulf and Zeta Cartels got the opportunity to play a football match on New Year’s Eve. Everything went the sideways after a rough foul in the penalty area.

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As many as 15 prisoners have been killed, one of them has died at the hospital and five others were injured. It wasn’t clarified how prisoners had access to weapons, but everything was viewed from the stands by their family members.

It took the police two hours to restore order in the jail.

More than 20 ambulances were called for intervention, and guests were evacuated so the police could stop the violence, regain control and restore order in the jail.

Police seized four guns, 17 knives, one scissors and about 77 bags of marijuana.

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