Girl Invents “Curtain For a Hug”


While the coronavirus pandemic is still causing problems around the world, social distancing is still key to preventing its spread.

However, one girl found a way to hug her grandparents. The “hug curtain” is her phenomenal invention!

Because of quarantine, many people are separated from their loved ones because physical contact poses a risk, especially for the elderly. However, a ten-year-old girl from Riverside, California, got the idea of how to hug her grandparents without exposing them to risk.

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It is a “hug curtain” made of quality plastic that separates the girl from her grandparents, but there are also four openings so that your hands can be pulled on both sides. Of course, the hands are also protected with the same material, so the hug is completely safe.

Publicerat av Lindsay Lindsay Fredag 8 maj 2020

The girl and her parents worked on the “invention” for several hours, and their effort paid off.

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