Girl Won The Lottery: My Life Is Ten Times Worse Now!


Jane Park, 20, Britain’s youngest jackpot winner in the Euromillions game, plans to sue the British lottery.

She said that the profit of millions made her unhappy.

This 17-year-old Edinburgh girl won £ 1 million in 2013. It was also the first ticket she had ever paid.

She now says that because of her wealth, she is constantly stressed and often wishes she had no money.

I thought my life would get ten times better, but now it’s ten times worse. Most of the time I want to have no money at all, I’m sure my life would be better if I didn’t have this much. People look at me and think: I want her life, I want her money. But they don’t realize how stressed I am. I own material things, but my life is empty. What’s the purpose of my life – complains a young millionaire.

She believes that the age limit of 16 for participating in sweepstakes and buying lotto tickets is low and should be increased to 18.

Park also says it’s hard for her to find a boyfriend who will love her, not be with her just for the money.

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She was also bored of buying branded items and lacked cheap travel to Benidorm.

For all this, she reportedly plans to sue the lottery organizers.

However, she never said she would give up the money. She bought herself silicone breasts, enlarged her lips, bought a new car and an annual ticket for her favorite football team, traveled to Ibiza…

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