Girlfriend Comes With an Unexpected Explanation When the Stranger Reveals Her Boyfriend’s Act of Adultery


What would you do if you discovered that someone is cheating on their partner? Should you tell the partner or just keep quiet? It can be difficult to know how the partner would react to such news – especially if you don’t know them.

Rebekah was in the school library when she saw a guy who was unusually intimate with a girl who was not his girlfriend. The only problem was that she neither knew the guy nor his girlfriend well aside from the fact that they went to the same school. Despite this, Rebekah chose to send a message to his girlfriend Jasmine, to tell her what she had seen.

– I know we do not know each other, but I think I recognize someone in the library from the photos on Twitter and I think that someone is your boyfriend. He’s with a girl and he is quite intimate with her, and I did not know if I should tell you. But I have been cheated on before, and I think you’d want to know this information, Rebekah wrote in his message.

But she had never been able to predict the unexpected outcome. She thanked the girl for warning her but then she dropped the bomb: – He’s not my boyfriend!

It turns out that Jasmine’s boyfriend has an identical twin brother who goes to the same school, and it was him that Rebekah had seen in the library – along with his own girlfriend.

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Talk about Rebekah’s surprise. But in a tweet, which has been liked more than 45 000 times, Jasmine wrote: – So my boyfriend has an identical twin brother and someone thought my boyfriend was cheating on me, but it was actually his twin brother and his girlfriend. Thank you for having my back, though.

Jasmine’s statement showed that the boyfriend, after all, was not unfaithful, but Rebekah’s idea was definitely noble. And if there is something that Jasmine learned from this, it is that she has found a very loyal friend in Rebekah.

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