Have Fun While Traveling: 6 Games For Long Drives!


Make your trip for the holidays fun. Let it all be about the journey, not the destination. Have fun with these interesting games.

If you are traveling somewhere with the children for the holidays, you are probably already preparing for their constant questioning: “How much is left?”, “Have we arrived yet?”, “I’m bored …” and so on. For this reason, we have selected six simple games to entertain your children when traveling.

Spending a few hours, sometimes even less than 30 minutes in a car with a child not in a mood for a drive, can get you to the edge of your energy. Fortunately, in addition to songs, there are more games available to help you make the journey easier for yourself and the little co-driver.

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1. Depending on their age, you can teach the child what the body parts are, or list them: “Touch Nose”, “Show Me the Finger” … In addition, the child can – by looking out the window, “search” for objects that begin with a letter.

2. You can also imitate the sounds of individual animals and have the child guessing what they are, or you can count the blue cars together, look for a triangle, a circle, a cube …

3. If you are in the front passenger position, you can put any item you have in your bag. Have the child close his eyes, feel it, and try to guess what is it.

4. When you go for a long drive, you can prepare for it together: make a list of things you expect to see on the road and mark them when you spot them. You can also make a contest of it – recording who first spotted a thing or being. Arrange a symbolic reward at the end of the journey.

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5. Another option is to compile a list of “forbidden” words (wood, car, bird, etc.) that no one is allowed to say throughout the journey. Whoever utters them must entertain the “team” with a funny story or song.

6. You can also spice up the singing a little: you or one of your companions needs to sing a few notes of a popular song and let the others guess what is the song. You can also, based on what you have observed, makeup stories: “Do you see that caravan? They must be traveling to the North Pole …”.

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Remember that you should enjoy every game and that the kids still want to travel with you, because there will come a time when you will beg them to go together for the weekend together.

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