He Broke the Festive Idyll: He Gave DNA Tests for Christmas and Made a Real Mistake


She said that “she does not want to do the test because DNA tests contain some harmful chemicals.”

One a man, all members of his family decided to cherish Christmas with home-made DNA tests. He nearly destroyed everyone, and he could easily have many other Christmas. It began with the explanation that earlier this year, Ancestry DNA had home-made DNA tests for the reduction.

There is a bit of saliva in the sterile stick), so for some reason, he thought it would be a great Christmas present. He bought six pieces: for himself, mom and dad, brother and two sisters. As soon as we opened our presents, Mom began to panic. She said she did not want to be tested.

They worry that your home DNA tests contain some harmful chemicals, but it’s been too common for panicists for some other reason – said the man for Reddit, and decided to stay anonymous. She adds that the mothers explained that the tests did not contain anything toxic, but she was determined.

Later, after a few hours, she began to convince us that it was enough for one of us to test, because ‘we all will have the same results anyway because we are brothers, so I better return the other tests to the pharmacy and save money’. Since all three children still wanted to test, tension grew.

As the young man wrote, the parents went to the upstairs bedroom where they continued to quarrel for the next hour, while four children in the ground wondered what was happening. Then there was a complication. Parents descended and explained to everyone that one of them had another father.

It turns out that my sister’s dad died soon after her birth. It was a very difficult time for Mom, but she had a friend with whom she was able to overcome it all the easier. Later in that friend, my father, I fell in love, so they formed the rest of my family together – said an anonymous man.

 After this explanation, the couple for the first time showed children photographs from that period, on which the girl is a dead father. A man who started the whole story with a bizarre sense of donation, claims that Badnjak’s events have brought his family members even closer together. – This is Christmas that we will not forget. And yes, of course, we will all do a test – he added.

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