He Drinks Urine Every Day! Claims It Can Cure Cancer And Various Illnesses


Harry Matadeen, 32, drinks his urine, it keeps him younger and protects him from a variety of illnesses.

Harry is convinced that if he drinks his urine for two weeks, it protects the body from various illnesses. It also helps him to look younger.

He drinks urine four years ago when he read about the alleged positive health effects that old urine has on the body. He now drinks 200 milliliters of urine daily, which is between two weeks and a month old, mixed with new urine.

Although he had problems with taste at first, he now adores the taste of his urine and massages it in the face every morning because he believes it stops the aging process.

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He says he feels happier, healthier and smarter when he drinks urine now than ever before. He is convinced that his urine has helped him to cure depression.

“Old urine therapy is the process of collecting your own urine in a plastic bottle. Then let it boil with its natural process. That urine is used as a medicine by drinking it or massaging it through the skin” said Harry.

“So we can prevent diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease. All of this is just simple therapy, and all we need is inside,” Harry continued his story.

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He is convinced its “power is greater” each day the longer it persists.

Doctors said that he drinks urine is pure exhibitionism and medical scandal because it is a waste the body is trying to handle. Urine can only be drunk in one situation where a person struggles to survive and has no other fluid nearby, write Mail online.

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