Helen Black Spends Thousands Of Dollars To Look Like Meghan Markle!


Helen Black adores Meghan Markle so much that she wants to look identical to her.

Helen Black, 39, lives in New York and sets aside huge amounts of money to look identical to Meghan Markle. Her dressing style fascinated her so much that she decided to keep up with the events that she appeared in for the rest of her life.

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It all started two years ago when Helen Black caught up with her styling, which served as her inspiration, so she decided to dress just like that. When Helen Black came to work, the compliments went down, and since she had just returned from maternity leave and how her confidence was shaken, these comments made her extremely happy.

Then Helen went intensively to copy Meghan Markle’s combinations.

“When I found out that Prince Harry and Meghan were together, I began to follow them more often”. Helen said.

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“When I saw Meghan Markle in the purple-red combination she wore when she was already heavily pregnant, I wanted to look just like that. She was so elegant and confident in those vibrant colors and I immediately thought that I had similar pieces in my wardrobe, “explains Helen Black.

“I love Meghan Markle because she’s a woman for example. She inspires me because she doesn’t stop working, even if she has the opportunity. Meghan gave birth recently, and she looks phenomenal. There’s no reason not to be my idol,” concluded Helen Black.

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And what do you think? Is this maybe too much from Helen Black or do you also have your idol whom you adore this way?

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