Her Beauty is Breathtaking: Antonio Banderas’ Daughter Has Grown Into a True Beauty!


It is clear from whom she inherited good looks.

Famous Spanish actor Antonio Banderas has been married twice, and from his marriage to actress Melanie Griffith, who has lasted 18 years, has a daughter, Stella.

Antonio and Melanie met in 1995 on the set of “Two much”.

A year later, they got a daughter, who grew up to be a real beauty. She is 22 today. When she was three years old, she appeared in her father’s directorial debut while the lead actress was her mother.

Even though they were predicting her a great acting career back then, she was in no hurry to follow in the footsteps of Dakota Johnson’s famous parents and half-sister.

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She doesn’t like appearing in front of a camera lens, so she opted for scriptwriting and directing.

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She attended the University of California and is fluent in several languages, including Norwegian, German and Swedish.

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On one occasion, she stated that she wanted to advance with the help of her knowledge, not on the grounds that her parents are big stars.

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