Here’s How Each Zodiac Sign Endures a Breakup


Learn how your zodiac sign responds to a breakup and what helps you get over your ex-partner.

Breaking the love affair is always a difficult experience, especially for those who are left behind. Each zodiac sign handles the breakup differently; Capricorn will be preoccupied with obligations in order to forget about problems, Cancer and Pisces will cry for days, while Scorpio will devise an adequate revenge.


Aries won’t receive the news about a breakup very well, because in their minds, they are the ones who leave their partners. They will get into an argument, they will also make a scene, but if they see that their partner is determined in their intention, they will quickly come to terms with it.

After the breakup, Aries won’t grieve for a long time, instead they will fill up their schedule by going out with friends, playing different sports and all those activities that he didn’t enjoy before.

Aries aren’t one of those Zodiac signs who hope for reconciliation, because they have already crossed out their ex-partner in their head and are now ready for some new experiences.


The rational Taurus will try their best to save the relationship, at least because they dislike changes. If the breakup does happen, they will need a long time to recover.

Fear of the change will initially deter them from moving on, but over time, they will become aware that the break created many new opportunities which they might otherwise miss.

In the meantime, they will take comfort in food and drinks and also socialize with friends. They won’t remain friends with their former partners because they will feel that they can’t no longer rely on them.


The Gemini who got dumped, immediately after the breakup, invites friends and arranges parties.

Going out for a drink and an endless conversation about their ex-partner, as well as visits to cinemas or concerts, and also meeting new people, will help them deflect their thoughts. This way, they don’t really give themselves enough time to process and understand what happened to them in order to heal their wounds.

They are not advised to get into a new relationship immediately, but rather they should think about everything and try to figure out what their fault was in the whole situation.

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Cancers are one of those people who experience every loss very deeply, so ending a love affair will be an extremely painful experience for them. Also, Cancer takes each relationship seriously and always believes it will last for the rest of their lives, so breaking up signifies great disappointment and loss of hope.

They will try to convince their partner that breaking up may not be necessary, and when they realize that it’s over, their heart will be broken. Cancer who got dumped will cry for days in their room, listening to the music that reminds them of beautiful and peaceful times, when everything was ok with their partner.

Some will contact their ex-partner in a moment of desperation, but this will only make the situation worse. They need a lot of time to move on and become capable of having a new relationship.


Leo who got dumped, isn’t dealing with that role in a good way. Although they are sad by the loss of their loved one, the greater problem is their hurt pride which will make them do things that they may regret after. They won’t let their ex-partner know that they are hurt, even if their heart is broken.

Leo will tell others that they are better of without their ex-partner, and some Leo’s will even claim that they initiated a break in order to avoid embarrassment.

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Virgo will try her best to save the relationship. They will insist on conversations and analyze in detail all problems.

Also, they will make a list of pros and cons, and if they see that there are more reasons to support the break up, they will realize that it is best choice. They can stay in good relationships with their former partners.

After the breakup, they will begin to thoroughly clean their apartment, change their diet or otherwise improve their quality of life. Others won’t see their suffering, but deep down they will be sad and won’t be ready to jump into a new relationship soon.


Romantic Libra work best in pairs, so any breakup is extremely stressful. At first, they will try to persuade their partner to change their minds, promise to change and work harder on the relationship, but their efforts don’t always work.

Libra who got dumped cry for days in a closed room, listening to music that reminds them of their ex-partner. Libra can’t be single for a long time, so they enter a new relationship relatively soon, which helps ther to heal their broken heart and forget about their former love.

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Scorpio are very proud, so they can’t imagine the situation that no one wants to be with they. This means that breaking up for them is a traumatic experience.

Their pride is hurt at first. They become very angry and feel humiliated, so they start to think about revenge, in order to let their ex-partner know that they shouldn’t play games with them.

However, most of them don’t pursue this revenge idea. Their anger and rage are the feelings that help them keep their mind of their ex loves ones.

Once they understand what has happened, they are sad and disappointed, and their self-confidence is badly damaged. They will need a long time to recover and to start a new relationship. Meanwhile, they are entertained by short casual relationships, based only on physical attraction.


Sagittarius are very cheerful and carefree, so they won’t take their the partner’s threat of leaving them seriously. At first, they will think that everything is just a joke and that everything will be resolved, but their partner’s determination will force them to deal with the situation.

Although they will be angry and hurt, they will quickly reconcile with the situation. They will think that it might be better this way, because now they will get the opportunity to enjoy their freedom, and in time they will find someone with whom they will be able to make a better connection.

They often remain good friends with their former partners, because the anger they felt, will be gone by then.


The Capricorn will receive the breakup news with dignity, but deep down they will suffer. They don’t get into relationships easily, so they will always give themselves fully for every relationship.

They are ready to go through many crises and quarrels, but they will be the first to admit that the relationship can’t no longer be saved. In order to help themselves in this diffucult period, they will work hard and change their daily routines.

They won’t get into a new relationship easily, because they will need time to start trusting people again.

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It’s hard to predict how Aquarius will react to the breakup, as these people are known for unpredictable reactions. If the relationship breaks down due to character differences or distance, they will be aware that they are better of, so they won’t be angry.

They will remain on friendly terms with their ex-partner, but they won’t bother them. However, if their partner leaves them for another person, their pride won’t allow them to accept the situation easily.

Aquarius who are in pain don’t want to have anything to do with the person who disappointed them, so they will kick them from their life.


Romantic Pisces believe in eternal love, therefore breaking the relationship for them means they will break all illusions about a happy life that they can live together with their partner until the end.

Pisces don’t even hide their suffering, so they spend days and nights mourning their former love, and the only topic they will discuss with others is their relationship. They will often take comfort in large amounts of food or alcohol, under which influence they will usually send love messages to their ex-partner.

The best way to get over the breakup is to find an interesting person in which they will recognize a new partner. A new relationship will make their life meaningful and restore their faith in love.

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