Here’s How Our Planet Looked 300 Million Years Ago


Three hundred million years ago, the planet looked extremely shocking.

There was only a solitary supercontinent called Pangea, which was embodied by the great ocean of Panthalassa.

As the environment changed, Pangea continued to evolve. The terrain got ruined about 175 million years ago and the masses of the present world were formed.

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The fossil remains show that the landmasses were combined.

Scientists think that the mainland existed 335 million years ago. It was placed in the southern part of the world. After a while, the land began to separate.

If we consider and explore the present nations, the UK would have been a suburb of Norway, Ireland, and France. The US would be next to Cuba, Senegal, Morocco, and Mauritania.

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Canada would be connected with Spain, Portugal, Morocco, and Denmark. Greece would be associated with Libya, Italy, and Tunisia.

Brazil would be associated with Namibia.

Tibet would share its borders with Australia and wouldn’t have any association with China.

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