Here’s What Each Sign is Like as a Friend


Your zodiac sign reveals much about what type of friend you are.

Find out below what the stars are saying about your friendly relationships.

Aries – the initiator

You love to try out new things more than everyone else when it comes to trying out new things, like for example a newly opened restaurant or club. You are always the initiator of great plans, even when it seems to you that everyone around you is bored – then you are able to encourage your friends to take “action”. You were born to be a leader and that’s why you feel comfortable when you are responsible for your friends’ night out. Everyone loves you for your self-esteem and fearlessness.

Taurus – a persistent friend

You are the type of person who never gives up and this quality is reflected in your relationship with your friends. You always encourage them, encourage them to follow their dreams and goals and you will not let them give up. This persistence makes you a great friend. You also love to encourage change in people dear to you when you notice that they are dissatisfied regarding important issues. You are patient, but you know when to react quickly and efficiently.

Gemini – always the best

Thanks to innate charm and eloquence, you can easily gain friends. People feel great in your company and sometimes they cannot wait to see you again. You are the type of person with a lot of friends, but you always have your own circle of the ones you are most dedicated to. Each of them feels special and loved by you. You like to listen to someone else’s problems and you do not have the slightest problem to analyze all the “drama” in your friends’ lives.

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Cancer – the mother among friends

You are warm, sensitive and have developed empathy, so you often rely on your motherly instinct with your friends. On the other hand, you do not “boss” them the way your parents do, and you are actually an ideal friend. You can easily show your friends how much you care about them. You especially appreciate the long-lasting friendships, because they have a history of a lot of mutual love and are woven from various memories. By nature, you are not a scoundrel and all potential disputes end quickly because your love for your friends is much stronger than a misunderstanding.

Leo is the funniest friend

As the famous saying goes, you are “the life of the party”. It’s never boring with you. It is known that the center of attention suits you, but contrary to the opinions of other zodiac signs, you will, however, like to share this attention with friends. You are popular and everyone loves you, and besides, you are also a powerful leader whom people are happy to turn to when they need help or advice. You are also their fiery supporter when your friends are in a pickle.

Virgo – the perfect friend

Your perfectionism is also addictive to friends. You just have to work hard with your friends and you don’t like to ignore them. You are always trying to help them in all possible ways and be with them as soon as they need you, and that’s really a great quality. They know that they can always rely on you and are happy because they know that you will always be there for them.

Libra – the social friend

You are always open for new friendships and you love to meet new people. You are social and it’s not a problem for you to establish communication with strangers and just like gemeni quickly and easily connect with people. You are able to start a conversation with complete strangers who will eventually become true friends. You are aware that we have only one life and you want to use it as much as possible so you always want to live to their fullest and do not want to be just a passive observer.

Scorpio – the forever friend

Your devotion to your best friends is unbreakable. You are patronized and do not allow anyone to hurt them, and if someone does it – you will discard that person forever. Friends are for you like your family, if not more. You know how to keep a secret, so friends will always turn to you when they need a shoulder to cry on.

Sagittarius – the eternal optimist

You will always put a smile on your friend’s face. You know how to warm them up and fix their worst day. You are an eternal optimist and you do your best that your most beloved people adopt such a way of thinking. You are a dreamer and believe that everything is possible, and you will always encourage friends in their life course, no matter what goals they set themselves. You love and take risks, which may not be everyone’s will, but no one is condemning you for it. On the contrary, they admire you for this and you are the real inspiration for them.

Capricorn – the boss friend

All people born in this sign have a strong mind and all predispositions to be leaders. That’s why they have no problems with taking the initiative and in every society, they are known as “the bosses”. It does not mean that you are bossing people around, but that everyone has confidence in you and take you seriously. You are always there for your friends and you will never let them down when they need your help.

Aquarius – the revolutionary

You will force all friends to get out of their comfort zone and be who they are. You appreciate all people, but you are the most desirable liberal who is not afraid to express your opinion and rebel if necessary. By nature, you are different from others and everything that is not “standard” and usual attracts you. You are a friend who always tells others to show their true color.

Pisces – the soulmate

Pisces are emotional and in every relationship, they invest 100% of themselves, but also in their friendships. You know your friends so well that sometimes it seems that you can read their thoughts. You already know how to react in certain situations and even before they themselves make a decision. You are wise and that’s why your friends often talk to you when they are looking for advice. You have developed empathy and sympathize with the other people’s troubles, so you are a favorite to everyone because everyone knows they can rely on you.

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