Here’s What Your Profile Photo Says About You


Your profile photo or avatar can say a lot about your personality. It represents your message to the world.

If you have a profile photo of a kid, in the sense of you as a child, or some baby model, you are saying to the world: “I am still small, I cannot and do not want to deal with problems!” Such a profile photo indicates that you lack love, care, attention. You do not want to grow up, you are immature and infantile.

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If your profile photo is a photo of your child or children, you are saying, “My child – this is me. This is my greatest achievement.” These people usually suffer from not achieving what they wanted in their lives, so they channel their dreams through the child. Their children will do what they could not.

Profile photo with a partner, says: “I have a relationship, someone loves me!” It is profile photos like this that show that the person lacks love, confidence, and self-love.

Landscape or other natural elements, they say, “It’s time to get a vacation!” The person who chose this profile photo usually lacks harmony. Such people often need confirmation of their surroundings that they need to go on vacation.

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The funny photo says “I don’t take anything seriously”. Such persons are the exact opposite of what they are saying. They are often sad and feel uncomfortable and lonely.

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The lack of photography: “Don’t look at me!” People who choose not to post anything for their profile photo on social networks are often insecure, mysterious and distrustful. Sometimes they are even suspicious, wanting to control the situation.

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