He’s Only One Year Old And He Already Has His Own Cooking Channel


One-year-old Kobe became popular around the world because of his adorable shots in which, together with his assistants, mom, and dad, he makes delicious meals.

In case you didn’t know by now – a great chef has appeared on the culinary scene and he is cooking great meals!

It’s one-year-old Kobe, better known to fans as Chef Kobe.

He quickly became popular on social media through his fantastic culinary shots.

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This toddler loves to play with food and prepare meals such as macaroni or pizza, but also some more complicated dishes.

Boss Kobi’s assistants are his mom and dad, and with them he quickly gained immense popularity. Just look at him!

His mother admitted that this is just one of the many practical things that a toddler does. She is obviously his favorite as well.

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“It’s so much fun for him to cook,” Mom said.

“I wanted to share his excitement with friends and family and show them how he learns things.”

Being open to new ideas and tastes, people love to watch him make new recipes.

“Since the sixth month, many have been enjoying trying new foods. In the end, he even got to prepare it himself,” added his mother.

Although he likes to try everything, he enjoys cheese and recipes with it the most.

Parents are very happy that their son’s footage brings a smile to the faces of many people around the world.

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“I love that quality time with my son has turned into something that inspires the world. These fun shots of us cooking together have become something we couldn’t even imagine,” she explained.

She also revealed how they managed to inspire many other parents to involve their children in food preparation and have fun in the kitchen.

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