His Wife Had a Lover: The Actor Knew Everything, and He Even Approved!


In Hollywood, they see their marriage as a solid institution, but what is really going on in the Smith home?

Powerful Hollywood spouses, actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have said on several occasions that they have an open relationship, but none of their affairs has been made public – until now, reports the Mirror.

A young American musician, 27-year-old August Alsina, revealed that 51-year-old Will Smith gave him the “green light” to have a relationship with his 48-year-old wife, which lasted for more than a year.

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Jada’s PR team responded to the statement in which they claim that these are lies, but since it is known that the Smiths are in an open relationship and that they had problems in the marriage, many are more inclined to trust the man who claims to be Jada’s lover.

Jada and Will have been married for 23 years, which is a lot in Hollywood terms. They met when Jada came to audition for the series “Prince of Bel-Air”, and very soon after that they secretly got married in 1997. Since then, their marriage, in which they have had two children, 19-year-old Wilow and 21-year-old Jaden, has stood the test of time, but has seriously faltered on a couple of occasions.

The first time was in 2011, when the media called Jada’s friendly relationship with Mark Anthony, who was at the time the husband of Jennifer Lopez, “inappropriately close” and practically declared them lovers. It seemed like it was an “inflated” story because, in the end, it left no consequences on Jada’s marriage. In fact, two years later, Jada was encouraged and spoke to the Huffington Post for the first time about having an open relationship.

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She said Will has the freedom to do whatever he wants. “I always told him he could do whatever he wanted, as long as he was able to look himself in the eye in the mirror and be ok with himself. Because at the end of the day, Will is a free man. I’m his partner, but he’s his own. He decides who he wants to be with and it’s not up to me to do it for him. Or vice versa,” she said seven years ago.

The second major crisis in their marriage came two years after that conversation when rumors broke out again that they were divorcing. Will then made it clear in a post on Instagram that these were stupid gossip. “I promise you, if I ever decide to divorce my queen, I swear I will tell you personally,” he wrote.

He managed to curb the “evil tongues” to this day, and Alison’s relationship with Jada has not been announced yet.

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