Hospital Sued For a Mistake: Baby Suddenly “revived”


A bizarre hospital mistake happened in China when a baby aborted by her mother at week 34 suddenly “came to life” and began to cry.

Chinese Hu, who was in advanced pregnancy, decided to have an abortion at 34 weeks after she found out that her fetus had deformed.

According to the information, the fetus had a potential cerebral abnormality during an ultrasound at week 26.

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Hu and her husband subsequently visited several hospitals to consult doctors, the Daily Star reports.

All hospitals made the same diagnosis: their unborn child has a rare genetic disorder caused by brain deformity.

The couple decided not to keep the baby, so the woman underwent a potentially risky procedure. Authorities approved this procedure.

Surgeons at Beijing Hospital performed an abortion with a drug called ethacridine lactate. Hospitals often use this drug in late-term abortions and it has an estimated success rate of 80 percent.

The doctors gave her medicine, and before starting the intervention, they confirmed that the fetus had no heartbeat.

They told Hu that the intervention had been successful.

After the surgery, she wanted to say goodbye to her child’s remains, but she was startled when she heard the baby cry.

Hu and her husband then took the baby home, and sued Beijing Hospital in 2017, demanding payment of 155,000 euros.

In the trial, they said that they believe the doctors made this mistake. Their daughter survived because of that medical mistake and they now have to take care of a disabled child.

They claim the hospital should cover the cost of treatment and have accused the hospital of falsifying the report.

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The court ruled in favor of the hospital, and the judge said the hospital’s documents are comprehensive and credible. The survival of the child is an extremely rare case.

Therefore, the hospital didn’t make a mistake and shouldn’t be held responsible. The couple appealed.

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