How Much Does It Cost to Spend One Night in a Potato?


The latest trend on Airbnb is a bit strange, but as the saying goes, tastes are not worth discussing, so we will not do it either. From now on, if you wish, you can stay overnight in giant potatoes or the Big Idaho Potato Hotel.

This unusual object for accommodation is roughly 6 tons heavy, 8.5 meters long and 3.6 meters wide, and is located in the USA, in the city of Boise. This potato is equipped with a double bed, a small living room and a bathroom, and is intended to accommodate two people. Its purpose was to promote the local food industry, and since 2012, when it was made, it became extremely popular.

If you want to stay in this hotel, you need to prepare $200, because that’s what it costs to spend the night in potato. However, you have to take into account that everything is booked for half a year in advance. Its popularity is exceptional, so the demand is high.

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