How Much Sport Is Dangerous To Infect from Covid-19!


The Ministry of Sport and the Olympic Committee of Italy have drawn up a list of sports by risk category for the spread of the Covid-19.

An extensive study done in collaboration with the scientific institutions of Italy divided 387 sports disciplines ranging from 0 to 4. See which sport is dangerous from Covid-19…

Allegedly, sport that offer almost no possibility of spreading the infection are sailing, open water swimming, golf and tennis.

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As for tennis, it also lays down rules that recommend that tennis players wear glasses and gloves. Each player has their own balls at the service, and that both players avoid going online at the same time.

Categories 0 and 1 are solely individual sports, among them athletics.

In the case of collective sports, water polo has the lowest risk of spreading the virus. It is in category two, with the explanation that it is played in chlorinated water. That kind of water can disable the virus.

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Football is placed in category three, while basketball, volleyball and handball are in the “most endangered” category four, as are all martial arts.

It is stated that in indoor sports, contacts are more frequent, space is smaller, and volleyball is specific because actions take place online, where players are very close to each other.

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For players in collective sports, it is recommended that the competitors be tested 48 hours before each match. Wearing masks on the bench is required for the reserve players and disinfection of all props.

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